VIG India Insurance Brokers Private Limited (VIG India) started its operations as a full fledged insurance Broker on securing its official License in July 2003 from the Insurance Regulatory & Development Authority, India (IRDAI). Over the past years, the company has displayed trust, reliability and expertise in protecting the interests of its clients and has grown into a trusted and respected insurance intermediary, with facilities to offer a comprehensive suite of services to meet a wide spectrum of insurance needs. The Chairman, who visits VIG India periodically and who has his Corporate office in Hong Kong, also monitors his business operations in Dubai, where he has an independent office completely separate and distinct from VIG India office and which predominantly focuses on Life broking business.

VIG India is endowed with the knowledge base and scale of operation to ensure its prominent position in the market. By choosing services of VIG India, you are assured of unrelenting support and development of quality personalized solutions to shield you from risk on all fronts.

VIG India is an accredited insurance intermediary duly licensed by the IRDAI and a member of the Insurance Brokers Association of India.

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