Over the years, VIG India has successfully handled claims for numerous clients. In case an unexpected incident is to occur, we will guide you through the claims procedure. As your medium to communicate with the insurer, we will facilitate the lodging, administration, negotiation and settlement of the claim. VIG India also has the additional responsibility of advocating your case to the insurance provider. To ensure a hassle-free settlement, we will co-ordinate with the insurers to facilitate a panel of surveyors to perform the necessary examination. We are not merely salesmen, but your friend-in-need to take you through fair and foul weather. Some of our claims have been briefly outlined below.

VIG has successfully handled and processed a Fire Damage claim to the tune of INR 4.36 crores while acting for a reputed chemicals company. In another instanceĀ of a client from theĀ chemicals industry, VIG promptly settled a claim for flood damage in factory premises and secured the client a sum of INR 87 lakhs.

VIG was called upon to assist one of our clients, a leading luxury goods supplier to manage and process their claim for damage to goods by flooding of their godown. In this instance as well, VIG ensure the client’s interests were duly met and the client received a payout of INR 83 lakhs.

These are a few instances, among many others, where VIG has risen to the need of its clients and addressed them seamlessly and to the clients’ utmost satisfaction.

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